1997 FORD F-250 7.5L 460cid V8 MFI (G)
Tensioner Pulley

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DAYCO 89001 TENSIONER PULLEY FOR 1997 Ford F-250 7.5L 460 CID MFI (G)

The old pulley turned freely but it had a slight squeal. The squeal went away when
I dropped light oil on the outside of the bearing, but it returned in about 3 minutes,
so I decided to replace it.

There was no square hole in the tensioner arm to stick in a socket wrench to turn
the arm to release the tension so the belt could come off to get to the pulley.
I was told that to release the tension, you just put a wrench on the bolt head which
holds the pulley on and apply torque to rotate the tension arm enough to remove
the belt. But won't that torque loosen the bolt instead? No, because the bolt
has a LEFT HAND THREAD. So after the belt is off, you turn the pulley bolt CW
to remove it. If you turn it CCW like a regular bolt it only gets tighter and it can
strip the bolt threads.

This is a smooth pulley made of plastic, with flanges outside the belt and a sealed
bearing pressed into the center. There are optional stamped steel pulleys slightly
wider with no flanges that probably work as well, but I wanted my original
equipment pulley, the DAYCO. Local parts houses had the steel pulley but not
the DAYCO, so I bought it online from Rockauto. The price was about the same
and the shipping cost was partially offset by not having to pay sales tax.

This was one of the easiest installations I have ever done, after I learned about
the LEFT HAND THREAD on the pulley bolt.